Lakes Region Genealogy Interest Group

Lakes Region Genealogy Interest Group

Meetings are free and open to the public.  Join us on Zoom for virtual meetings.

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The Wolfeboro Public Library and the Lakes Region Genealogy Interest Group formed a partnership in 2011 to help provide individuals interested in researching their family histories with the resources and information that they needed. Together we bring quality programming, individual assistance and multiple resources to those interested in genealogy. All programs and services are free and open to all.

The Mission of the Lakes Region Genealogy Interest Group:

The Lakes Region Genealogy Interest Group, in partnership with The Wolfeboro Public Library, is dedicated to helping members of the community foster and cultivate an interest in family history research by providing guidance, information and instruction, while encouraging and supporting those who attend to develop their own family histories and genealogical records for the benefit of their descendants and others.

History of the Group:

The Lakes Region Genealogy Interest Group (LRGIG) began in 2011 when a small group of local Lakes Region residents who were interested in genealogy met at the LDS church.  They discussed how they were individually conducting family history research, and realized that others in the area might be similarly interested in discussing and sharing their findings.  The group discussed working with the Library and holding regular family research meetings at the Library.  Thus, meetings were held periodically and the public was invited.

Who we are:

We are an informal group.  We are not a “society”, and thus not a tax-exempt organization and no dues of fees are collected.  We do maintain an organizational hierarchy in order to keep the meetings focused and activities in line with our mission.  Our group holds monthly meetings via Zoom, the last Thursday of the month.

Anyone with an interest in researching and documenting their roots and branches is welcome.  We help everyone, from beginners to professional genealogists.  We encourage all to share their knowledge with other in a small and casual group setting via Zoom.

Check our events on the Library’s calendar to see what’s happening in our group, information on other groups and societies, and where you can find genealogy classes, workshops and seminars. 

Meetings are free and open to the public via Zoom;

DNA for the Overwhelmed Handout

Cemetery Symbols,
Markers & Stones
Meyer, Mayer, Meier.
Where Are Your From?
Not Quite Hieroglyphs

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The Irish in Canada Click to view DNA for the Overwhelmed LRGIG Recorded Oct. Meeting

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