Active RFPs

The following are links to active Requests for Proposal (RFPs) that the Wolfeboro Public Library is making available.

Please be sure to read the entire associated cover letter and RFP to understand the requirements and limitation.


    • RFP for Landscaping of Wolfeboro Public Library. CLOSED
      • Link for the Landscaping Cover Letter and  RFP
    • RFP for Audio/Visual Equipment for the current renovation projectCLOSED
      • Link to the A/V Cover Letter
      • Link to the A/V RFP
    • RFP for Furniture for the current renovation project.CLOSED
      • Link to the Invitation to Bid
      • Link to the Bid Tabulation MS Excel™ Worksheet
      • Link to the FFE Addendum 1
      • Link to the FFE Addendum 2