Library Expansion and Renovation Project


Why Do We Need to Renovate & Expand?

Built in 1979, the library has served the community well.  However, after forty years, the roof is in dire need of replacement and must be brought up to current building codes.  The heating system is outdated and unreliable.  The building has no insulation.  Staff and volunteers work in cramped quarters.  There are no quiet areas for study.  The noise children’s area is open to the adult section.  More seating, meeting and social spaces are needed to meet the demands of a new generation of library users.  After years of study and analysis, we believe the best solution is a renovation of the existing facility coupled with a modest expansion and funded by a public/private partnership.  If you would like more information and/or a behind-the-scenes tour, please call library director, Cindy Scott, at 569-2428. 

Updated Floor Plan, June, 2018 

Benefits of Renovation & Expansion

                 – Creates separate children’s area                           – Provides quiet study areas

                 – Increases meeting and activity space                  – Provides space for genealogy research

                  – Adds work space for staff and volunteers           – Replaces flat roof with new sloped roof

                  – Replaces obsolete heating system                        – Increases energy efficiency

                  – Improves lighting and air quality                         – Creates much-needed storage areas

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Renovation Presentations

The following presentations were given to the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Wolfeboro, NH regarding the progress of the Renovation Project at the Wolfeboro Public Library.