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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is able to get a WPL card?

Cards are available for patrons of all ages. Residents and non-resident taxpayers of the Town of Wolfeboro may receive cards at no charge.

How do I get a WPL card?

Proof of residency such as a driver’s license, other photo ID, property tax bill, rental agreement, or utility bill should be presented when applying for a card.

What if I am not a resident of Wolfeboro? How do I get a card?

Non-residents may apply for a card at a charge of $20 for 3 months, $30 for 6 months, or $50 for a year. All children eligible to be K-12 students in the Governor Wentworth Regional School District (GWRSD), encompassing the towns of Brookfield, Effingham, Middleton, New Durham, Ossipee, Tuftonboro and Ossipee or are students at Brewster Academy are eligible for a card at no charge. All employees of GWRSD K-12 schools are eligible for non-resident cards at no charge.  Non-resident employees of the Town of Wolfeboro are eligible for a library card at no charge. Special expiration dates apply. 

I am under the age of 14? How do I get a card?

A parent of legal guardian should come with you when you apply for a card as their authorizing signature is needed.

I would like to donate some books. What is your policy on accepting donations?

We are currently accepting a limited number of donations. Please call us at 569-2428 for more information.

How many books or other materials may I have checked out at one time?

You may have up to 40 items at any one time; there is a limit of 8 DVDs and 8 audio books.

How do I reserve a book or other materials?

You may ask to reserve any resource in person, via a phone call, or online once you set up a USER ID and PIN. Ask a librarian to set those up for you.

How do I renew my materials?

If there is no other patron on the reserve list for the item, you may renew it up to 3 times.  You may renew it in person, online or by calling the library at 569-2428.  Please note that you cannot renew or reserve online if your materials are overdue; you will need to speak to a librarian.

How long am I able to keep items checked out?

DVDs are checked out for 7 days; all other materials are checked out for 3 weeks.

What are the fines for overdue items?

We charge $1.00 per day on overdue DVDs and $0.10 per day on all other late materials.  Fines are doubled for Interlibrary Loan items.

What if I lose or damage an item?

You will be responsible for paying the cost of replacing the item or you may provide us with an identical replacement of the lost item.

Am I able to find out what materials my child has checked out?

No.  In New Hampshire there are laws protecting the confidentiality of each library patron’s records. This law applies to all, regardless of age, so the library record of a child has the same privacy protection under law as an older patron.  Because of this, we recommend that you consider carefully before you register your under-age 14 child for his or her own library card.  You can take material out for your child on your own card or sign the whole family up for a family card.

How do I volunteer at the library?

We appreciate all offers of help, although our needs for services do fluctuate.  Please fill out one of our volunteer applications, on hand at WPL.

How do I borrow a museum pass?

You need to have a WPL card to borrow a museum pass.  Please see the Museum Pass page for more information.